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Wintery weather calls for curling up at home with a great book, and you might be feeling that need now more than ever with all the holiday prep going on. As much as we love the holidays, the burnout can be real! Cookies and hot cocoa can only do so much to preserve our sanity…


If you’re looking for some great reads to settle into, here are some recommendations from the Conscious Step team. They range from comfort novels to inspirational biographies, so there’s something for every kind of reader!

Prashant recommends… Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

“His challenges and approach while creating a company that inspired global cultural shifts and performance enhancing products was inspiring!”

Maddie recommends… Secondhand by Adam Minter

“It’s such an interesting read for anyone who wants to be more sustainable or learn more about what happens to secondhand goods! It was eye-opening to read Adam’s stories from his travels around the world, learning about what happens to products once we’re done with them. Really made me think!”


Aliya recommends… Be Here Now by Ram Das

“I love ‘Be Here Now’ because he takes important life and spiritual lessons and turns it into simplified, understandable concepts for the common person through art and illustration.”

Julianne recommends… Know My Name by Chanel Miller

“A difficult read, but Chanel's honesty and vulnerability in sharing her journey is powerful and moving - it will change your perspective. I'd recommend this book to everyone.”


Elizabeth recommends… Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling

“Because winter at Hogwarts is magical and I'd love to attend the Yule Ball!”

We hope you found something here that piqued your interest! We also thought this might be a good time to mention our collection of socks that give books (since you’re the reading type). 

Let us know your thoughts or any other recommendations you have! We’re always on the lookout for our next favorite book.

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