Ethical production

Conscious Step is ethical through and through.


We've traced our supply chain right back to the organic co-ops in India where the cotton is grown.

Conscious Stepper Hassan with Aayush, the factory managerWith your help, we aspire to be a company that considers social responsibility as the central motivator for everything we do, rather than a guilt-ridden afterthought. From the very beginning, we wanted to ensure our entire supply chain was in alignment with this principle.

Both our manufacturer and fabric supplier were chosen as much for their outstanding pursuit of ethical standards and social responsibility as for their quality of products. Although they have numerous awards for social and environmental responsibility and have been audited by the highest governing body of ethical supply chains, we'll be sending our own representative when our socks go into production to verify these claims. 


Made in Fair Trade Conditions. Because they should be.
Made from Organic Cotton. They're grown to the Global Organic Textile Standard.
Our manufacturer is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative and the Business Social Compliance Initiative.
Manufactured to the Confidence in Textiles standard for harmful substances.
Our socks are a made in a Swiss-Italian owned factory in India. The youngest employee is 24.
Certified as Fair Trade, our socks are made in the highest standard of working conditions.


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