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Q: What makes a Conscious Step “conscious?”

A: We sell ethically made socks for leading non-profits around the world, as a fun way to raise awareness for the work they are doing.  For example, each pair of Conscious Step water socks provides 18 months of clean water through Matt Damon's

We've started by addressing basic human needs through the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  Books, Meals, Clean Water, Disease, and the environment. (Feel free to address actual impact). We're continuing to expand our collection as we work closely to build meaningful relationships with our impact partners.

On the back  end we pride ourselves as leaders in Fairtrade and organic production.  We use a unique non-toxic dying process, making our products a lot more durable and odor resistant, as well as preventing harm to our environment.  Fashion being the second leading cause of pollution around the world, we do our best to try to educate our customers around serious world issues, with an easy and comfortable way for them understand and make a difference.


Q: Do your socks true to size?

A:  Yes and no, and in a good way! Through customer testimonials we’ve gathered that our socks can fit up to a men’s 16 and down to women’s 8. We’re working on more sizes for the future, so watch this space!


Q: Are your socks sold in stores?

A: Yes! We are currently in a variety of stores in the US, Canada and Australia.


Q: I love animals! Will there be more charities supported in the future?

A: We love animals too (shoutout to our company dog Diesel)! And yes, we are currently working with a number of new charities so that we can support all the great organizations that are fighting the world’s toughest problems. Stay tuned :)


Q: Fair Trade, organic cotton, mindful manufacturing… Could you make a sock for my company?

A: We’d love to talk about potential partnerships! Please e-mail us at

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