Hassan Manufacturing

We believe that we have a responsibility as a brand to deliver a product that makes our customers feel good about what they wear. Not just about how it looks, feels and lasts, but also in knowing that it’s creation did not happen at the expense of people and planet.


Fashion, Fast & Slow

In a world of fast fashion and consumerism, we’ve never been further removed from the story of the clothes upon our back. As we learnt from the tragedy in Bangladesh, the realities can be all too uncomfortable. Fortunately, it’s becoming clear to an increasing number of us what is at stake when the clothes we wear don’t carry the day. We’ve long known that fashion is a special medium - that what we wear is a statement of our values. Suddenly, our clothes become an opportunity to quite literally dress ourselves in what we believe in.

A Shared Responsibility

A massive part of this responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of the designers, companies and brands from which all fashion stems. A responsibility to make things that give, rather than take. A responsibility to treat their ‘consumers’ like intelligent people that actually care. A responsibility that Conscious Step takes pretty seriously. It’s a work in progress, but we always try to ensure that the purchase of our products support emerging markets, ensure a fair wage, and promote environmental sustainability.

Our Supply Chain

Our cotton growing and sock manufacturing occurs in New Delhi, India, and the surrounding states. We chose to manufacture here for the logistical advantage of India growing 80% of the world’s organic cotton, and for the opportunity to support small and marginal cotton farmers. The process of turning seed into sock happens in close partnership with three organizations - a sock manufacturer, a spinning mill, and a fairtrade cotton cooperative. We have visited the factory and the spinning mill in person three times, our most recent visit being January 2016.

Fairtrade Certified

We’re very proud to source our cotton from the Chetna Organic farmers cooperative. This is a part non-profit, part farmer owned social enterprise that improves the livelihood of 15,300 farmers by making their farming systems more sustainable and profitable. This is achieved by training farmers in sustainable organic agriculture, and securing a fair trade price premium of 10-15% above market rate to reinvest back into a multitude of community benefit projects.

Ethical Workplace

Each of our manufacturing partners are dedicated to maintaining a fair and ethical workplace. This includes the obvious no child labor and minimum wage compliance, overtime compensation, and freedom of association for their workers. Our manufacturer is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative and the Business Social Compliance Initiative.

Organic Cotton

Our socks are made from organic cotton. The crops are not treated with herbicides, insecticides, or pesticides, and are not genetically modified. Organic growing systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, build biologically diverse agriculture, and use far less water. This makes our socks better for your skin and better for the environment.



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