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Conscious Step - Ordinary Purchase. Extraordinary Purpose. 

We believe that the world is changed by the small actions of many people.

That's why we created Conscious Step: Socks That Fight Poverty, so that the purchasing decisions we make everyday could add up to big impact.

Conscious Step was founded by three twenty-something social entrepreneurs - Hassan Ahmad, a medical doctor and past WHO intern; Adam Long, an industrial designer and marketing strategist; and Prashant Mehta, a finance major and microfinance expert. You'll find our team working in Sydney, Australia and in New York, USA, although you may also find us tracing our supply chain from the organic co-op cotton fields in India through to our Fair Trade Factory.

Meet the team

While interning at the WHO European Regional office, Hassan couldn’t help but feel the creation and progress of humanities anti-poverty goals, collectively representing the planets greatest chance of a future worth living, demanded a position above Miley Cyrus’ gluteal gyrations within the wider societal zeitgeist.  

During his post as Director of Engineers without Borders Australia, Adam became disheartened as the success of his projects became reliant upon a fickle and earmarked funding stream, and lamented that so many great NGOs were unable to pursue their missions due to a lack of awareness and funding.

After passing up a career in Wall St to seek meaningful work abroad, Prashant became increasingly preoccupied by the existence of a blindingly simple idea that allowed the individual to be part of the change they wanted to see, while going through the regular motions of a simple 21st century existence. 


Brought together by the winds of fate and a shared passion to change the world, after an inevitable collision of spectacular fashion, Conscious Step was born.





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