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It's estimated that every 15 minutes, an elephant is killed for its ivory. The magnificent animals are threatened by the ivory trade, with tens of thousands of elephants being killed each year by poachers.

Elephants protect forests by distributing seeds across the vast distances they travel. By keeping the forests healthy, they play a vital role in keeping the planet green and preventing climate change. Elephants are also important for balancing the ecosystem as their habitats are also home to other big mammals and endangered species.
The tourism value of each elephant is estimated to be $1.6 million. When ivory poachers steal elephant tusks and kill them, they are also hurting the wildlife tourism trade, which is a source of income and prosperity for local communities.
Conservation International works work with a number of initiatives fighting against the ivory trade and protecting endangered elephants. One of these is the Elephant Protection Initiative, a coalition of 18 African nations committed to closing their ivory markets and placing their ivory stockpiles out of commercial use.

Each pair empowers rangers to combat wildlife trafficking .



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