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As we move into a season riddled with flash sales, gag-gifts and overconsumption, it’s important to keep our environmental footprint in mind. The season of giving often comes with another not-so-great gift: trash!

Did you know that a study done by Stanford University stated that Americans throw away 25 percent more trash from Thanksgiving to New Year’s? That adds up to 25 million extra tons of garbage including food waste, wrapping, ribbons, and other holiday byproducts. Another shocking fact is that if every family reused gift ribbons, the 38,000 miles of ribbon that would be saved could tie a bow around the earth. And, if we used recycled wrapping paper, we would save 45,000 football fields worth of waste. 

Reusing ribbon and recycled wrapping paper are two great ways to start, but buying gifts with environmentally friendly initiatives is another great option! Cotton tote bags, Fair Trade foods with reusable/recyclable packaging, or Conscious Step socks and sweatshirts (of course) are all great options for a more sustainable and conscious holiday season! Even just making an effort to give items that you know will be used and loved is a step in the right direction. 

Be grateful for what you have, and when you do give, give consciously and with your heart. If you’re reading this, you probably already do. And we’re forever grateful for it.

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