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Humankind has been looking up at the stars since our very beginning. It’s the one thing that brings us together throughout the ages. For hundreds of thousands of years, we were confined to just looking upward.

But now, we have the power to travel upward. We can explore the stars: be among them, and reach outward into our galaxy and beyond. We just need to push our government in the right direction.

That’s why we’re proud to launch our newest nonprofit partner, The Planetary Society. They are the world’s largest and most influential nonprofit space organization that gathers funding for innovative and exciting space technologies. If we can get the funding for organizations like NASA to build teams, spacecrafts, and other technology, we can do miraculous things like explore worlds, find life, and defend Earth. 

This collection of socks in rocket, galaxy, and constellation patterns comes in both single pairs and boxes (for both you and your mini me)! Let’s help them advance space science and exploration, so that we can continue to boldly go where no one has gone before! 

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