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Food is a powerful tool. It can bring a family together at the end of the day, communicate a culture’s history, or be a symbol of love. In times of crisis however, it becomes even more powerful. Food can play a role in healing a community. 

That’s the goal of our newest partner, World Central Kitchen, and they’ve been helping communities heal for over 10 years. 

World Central Kitchen delivers fresh meals to communities in need after disaster strikes. You’ve likely seen them before: they served meals to hospitals, emergency crews, and families affected by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Haiti. They also recently provided meals for displaced families in Louisiana following Hurricane Ida and were one of the first touchpoints for people fleeing Afghanistan as they entered the US, Spain, and Qatar. World Central Kitchen is there when people need them the most, but their impact doesn’t stop there.

World Central Kitchen has food resilience teams that assess hard-hit areas and put plans into action to advance human and environmental health, offer access to professional culinary training, create jobs, and improve food security in that area. This long-term thinking does more than help a community heal; it helps them thrive. 

We couldn’t think of a better time to partner with World Central Kitchen to help them change lives through times of crisis and beyond. Together with your ongoing support, we can prepare them to fight the unknown challenges ahead with hope and a warm meal. 

Check out our newest pairs, and help us welcome them to the Conscious Step family!


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