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What does that mean anyway? 

Our modern culture revolves around mindless distractions. It’s getting harder and harder every day to simplify our lives and sort out what is  truly important.  We are faced with constant cognitive diversions that create clutter in our malleable minds. 

We have accepted and embraced the idea of constantly being ‘switched on’ as our new normal- as a society we are overstimulated. Our minds are overflowing, constantly bouncing between thoughts, ideas, and people. Where is the time for clarity? A moment to reflect? 

Let’s face it, life can feel overwhelming. But, what if we took control of the feelings of anxiety, uneasiness, worry, and clutter by fundamentally changing our lifestyle. 

This is where the philosophy of ‘less is more’ and ‘more is more’ comes into play. By removing unneeded possessions and thoughts we can inspire clarity in our mind, body, and soul.  

Where do you even start? To be minimalist is a big lifestyle change, and can be overwhelming. But here are some small changes you can make to incorporate minimalism in your life that will make a huge difference.

Stop Multitasking.

Focus on one task at a time. Nothing great was ever accomplished when we are distracted. Some people have dedicated their entire lives to a single pursuit! The greatest books, ideas, and bodies of work came from isolation and uninterrupted focus. Sometimes, months our lives go by and all we recall is a blur. We know we were busy running to and fro—yet we don’t feel accomplished. Single-tasking will reduce your stress levels, increase your productivity, and improve your well-being overall! 

Take a break from Social Media.

Visual distractions can create cognitive overload and reduce our memorization abilities. Our minds were simply not designed to process an ungodly flood of information, distraction, and temptation at the same time. Our technological, always on lives are a battle for the precious real estate of our mind. Taking at least an hour a day to rest your mind can inspire relaxation, happiness, and your self-esteem. 

Simplify your Wardrobe.

Ask yourself, do I really need that? Fewer options promote an easier lifestyle - this even applies to our clothing. This doesn’t mean to immediately throw 90% of your wardrobe away, maybe for starters just donate the ‘just in case’ clothes. An abundant closet can contribute to forgetting our long-term goals and building clutter in our minds. Our wants and dreams are endless, but our headspace and time are limited. Something has to give in order for us to not lose sight of what we want to achieve - why not your closet?

It’s not realistic to become monks that shun modern life. Yet our life is a collection of our daily choices and habits, and it’s impossible to create art on a canvas that barely has white space left. Minimalism doesn’t have to be a niche life philosophy—it can be small, easy changes that can help you find your purpose and contentment in life.

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