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The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and we’re louder & prouder than ever in the joyous month of June. For our LGBTQ Conscious Step family, we hope that you are surrounded with love, light, and laughter, this month and always. 

But we understand that safe spaces aren’t always accessible. When faced with discrimination and social stigma, LGBTQ youth are 4x more likely to consider suicide than their straight peers. For those who seek mental health care for these concerns, 60% find that they are are unable to do so.1 

No matter how you identify, you deserve to live your truth with love and acceptance. Committed to suicide prevention and crisis intervention among LGBTQ youth, The Trevor Project provides free 24/7 counseling via call, chat, or text. With over 1,600 volunteers and 201,000 LGBTQ individuals counseled, The Trevor Project couldn’t exist without support from people like you. 

Excited for pride, but don’t want to contribute to rainbow washing (aka performative activism by corporations)? Here’s a few ways to authentically celebrate while giving back to the LGBTQ community:


  1. Watch a film directed by and/or starring LGBTQ creatives. 

    Spanning across several decades and multiple countries, the list of groundbreaking LGBTQ movies that will make you laugh, cry, and reflect is endless. We recommend Paris is Burning for iconic LGBTQ ballroom history. The emmy-winning reality TV series, RuPaul’s Drag Race, wouldn’t exist without it! 

  2. Break out your local library card (or mobile browser) and let the research begin 

You know the famous quote:

It’s more important than ever to see how past LGBTQ trailblazers paved the way for today’s modern rights. 


  1. Spread the word online when it comes to your favorite LGBTQ organizations, nonprofits, influencers, and community resources. 

    The simple act of sharing a link to your local LGBTQ charities, reblogging information about mutual aid groups, or reposting that TikTok of an up-and-coming LGBTQ musician could make all the difference. Plus, you’ll get to say you listened to them before it was cool. 

Take part: 

  1. Attend a Pride event. Break out the glitter, face gems, and crop tops, because it’s time to strut your stuff this summer.

    Ever partied with a drag queen, laughed until you cried, and danced until your feet were sore in under 24 hours? There’s nothing like it, so celebrate LGBTQ liberation and love until the sun comes up. 

  2. Support LGBTQ-owned small businesses

    From fab fashion boutiques and art galleries to bustling bookstores and bakeries, every major U.S. city has businesses owned by local LGBTQ entrepreneurs. These shops and brands are worthy of your coin year-round, but the extra support will mean so much more this June. 

And most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! Joy is an act of resistance. Make this year’s Pride one to remember! 

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