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We’re buzzing with excitement as we introduce our newest nonprofit partner: Pollinator Partnership! Together, we're on a mission to make the world a sweeter, greener, and more buzzing place for everyone – humans and pollinators alike! Both Conscious Step and Pollinator Partnership share the vision of a thriving sustainable and equitable world for people and pollinators, and we’re happy to finally share our collection Protecting Pollinators with you that helps further that goal.

Without the actions of pollinators, the world would look a lot different. One in three bites of food we consume are thanks to the work of pollinators, and they also sustain our ecosystems and produce our natural resources by helping plants reproduce. Somewhere between 75% and 95% of all flowering plants on the earth need help with pollination – that’s about 180,000 different plant species and more than 1200 crops! In addition to the food that we eat, pollinators support healthy ecosystems that clean the air, stabilize soils, protect from severe weather, and support other wildlife.

Speaking of greens pollinators are responsible for,  they’re big contributors to the global economy. Pollinators add 217 billion dollars, and honey bees alone are responsible for between 1.2 and 5.4 billion dollars in agricultural productivity in the United States! 

Pollinator Partnership’s mission is to promote the health of pollinators (obviously critical to food and ecosystems) through conservation, education, and research. They work with farmers, gardeners, land managers, scientists, and industry to develop tools and programs that help keep pollinators safe from pesticides, habitat loss, climate change, and other threats. They work all across North America and globally so that pollination can continue all over the world. To learn more about the specific threats pollinators face (and how to help) click here to go to Pollinator Partnership’s website!

So, let's spread the buzz about protecting our precious pollinators! Together with Pollinator Partnership, we're cultivating a future where flowers bloom, crops thrive, and our world is filled with the sweet taste of success. Join us in protecting our pollinator pals with every pair sold – after all, with their help, the world is a sweeter place!

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