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Pride Month is here! We’re excited to celebrate all kinds of love and identity this month with parades and parties, but if you know us well enough by now, you know that we believe celebrating and standing up for these rights is an all-year effort. And with our partner, The Trevor Project, we fight to help make LGBTQ+ youth feel supported and loved in times of need.

A listening ear, a safe space, or simply using the correct pronouns can save a young life. In fact, there is a significant association between anti-LGBTQ+ victimization and disproportionately high rates of suicide risk — and that far too many young people struggle to access the mental health care they need. When they need someone to talk to, The Trevor Project is there to provide life-saving support on-line, in person, over the phone, and via text.

In addition to crisis support, The Trevor Project advocates for LGBTQ+ youth through preventative and intervention efforts at the federal, state, and local level to address factors that place them at a significantly higher risk of suicide. A few of their current campaigns include ending conversion therapy, creating safe and affirming schools, advocating for transgender and non-binary youth to get the affirming healthcare they need, and more. They also focus on research and public education, because the more everyone understands the challenges facing young LGBTQ+ people, the faster we can solve them.

This year is an exciting milestone for our partnership: we’re celebrating 5 years together saving LGBTQ lives! Throughout the course of our partnership, and thanks to supporters like you, we've been able to support The Trevor Project with donations that helped to train over 98 volunteer crisis counselors. Over their first year of service, these counselors will support over 7,627 crisis contacts in their darkest moments.

Together, we are fighting toward a world where all LGBTQ+ young people feel safe, accepted, and loved exactly as they are. Take a step with us towards a more accepting, inclusive, and loving world when you save LGBTQ lives!

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