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Did you know Elephants are not that different from you and me? Elephants are extremely empathetic beings: just like us, these magnificent creatures help each other in distress, experience a range of emotions, and grieve for their dead.⁠ As Donald Hicks said, “Those who teach the most about humanity, aren’t always human.” 

Five Lessons We Learn from Elephants.

     1. “A day of traveling will bring a basketful of learning”

The saying ‘memory like an elephant’ is not just folklore. The matriarchs of the herd can remember every route and landmark in any season. The power of navigation was handed down by their ancestors for generations. Let’s follow in elephants footsteps and learn from our surroundings and experiences.

       2. “What we can’t do alone, we can do together” 

Strength in numbers is a strong value elephants practice. During the dry season, they will dig holes in search of water. Once they hit the jackpot, they quickly leave so other animals can quench their own thirst. If humans followed the herd mentality as well, we could work together and build a brighter future for all.


       3. “Let all of you do be done in love”

These beautiful animals show love through touch. Elephants intertwine their trunks, made up of 4,000 intricate muscles, and caress their loved ones. 


       4. "Paint the world green”

Elephants walk with the planet in mind. Elephants distribute seeds far and wide by roaming great distances and eating a lot of plants. The more these giants eat, the healthier the forests become resulting in reducing climate change. Between climate change and pollution, we must take care of the earth like the elephants do. 

      5. “When one forgives, two are healed”

Many elephants have faced cruelty at the hands of humans. Too many have suffered captivity and been killed for their ivory tusks. Thousands of elephants have fought through their emotional trauma and learned to forgive humans. If they can forgive, so can we. 

There is so much we can learn from these majestic creatures, but to do that we must protect them. We are losing more elephants than the population can reproduce: more elephants are being killed for their ivory than are being born. 

Take action today: together with Conservation International, each pair of Socks that Protect Elephants donates to protect these stunning animals and serves as your daily reminder to chanel your inner elephant wisdom. 

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