Our Supply Chain

Our cotton growing and sock manufacturing occurs in New Delhi, India, and the surrounding states. We chose to manufacture here for the logistical advantage of India growing 80% of the world's organic cotton, and for the opportunity to support small and marginal cotton farmers. The process of turning seed into sock happens in close partnership with three organizations - a sock manufacturer, a spinning mill, and a fairtrade cotton cooperative. We have visited the factory and the spinning mill in person three times, our most recent trip being in January 2016.

Mindful Manufacturing

We believe that we have a responsibility as a brand to deliver a product that makes our customers feel good about what they wear. Not just about how it looks, feels and lasts, but also in knowing that it's creation did not happen at the expense of people and planet. 

Each of our socks are made from the highest quality (168 needle) organic cotton, in fair trade conditions. In addition to premium comfort and quantifiable impact, each pair supports the lives of men and women all working for their own hopes and dreams. From the organic cotton farms to the tips of your toes, each step of the supply chain makes for a better tomorrow. Serving a comfortable reminder that every decision we make can have a cyclical affect on the world around us.

  • Made in Fair trade conditions
  • Well paid adult staff - NO child labor
  • Audited by the business Social Compliance initiative
  • Organic cotton grown to the Global Organic Textile Standard
  • Meets Oeko -Text Confidence in Textile standards for harmful substances



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