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June is almost over, and with it Pride Month. And while many businesses put away their rainbow flags and move on to something new, the LGBTQ community will continue to face injustices and discrimination. Being an ally means you recognize your privilege and use it for good - they can be some of the most powerful voices for marginalized communities. Below are some easy steps to be an ally once June ends - because true allyship is not just when it’s trendy to do so, but all year long. 

     1. Do your research 

    Expanding your knowledge and understanding of LGBTQ-related topics, such as basic terms and concepts, is an easy way to support your friends and family in the LGBTQ community. Don’t rely on LGBTQ people to do the work to teach you -  put in the effort yourself. A great place to start is with the incredibly helpful content shared by our partner, The Trevor Project. 


         2. Add your pronouns to your profile

    Honoring a person’s name and pronouns is a sign of respect. By adding your pronouns to your social profiles (and email signature!), you help normalize it, creating a safe place for trans and gender nonconforming people to be gendered correctly. 

         3. Follow LGBTQ activists & educators

    Pride Month is a fabulous celebration of our progress and a reminder of the work we still have to do - which is why it’s so important to amplify the voices of the LGBTQ community and share their stories. We highlighted some of our favorite LGBTQ creators last week. If you haven’t yet, give them a follow to learn from their incredible content and add some fresh perspectives to your feed.

        4. Speak up against prejudice

    No, it’s not “just a joke.” Offensive language makes an impact on those who hear it. Speak out when someone makes a crude comment and let them know it’s not accepted or appreciated. Use your power as a consumer and stop supporting businesses with discriminatory policies. Don’t stay silent - hold those around you accountable and make sure all feel welcome.

       5. Donate to The Trevor Project 

    The Trevor Project is the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ young people, providing a safe space and a listening ear to any LGBTQ young person who needs it. Hint - our Socks that Save LGBTQ Lives donate directly to The Trevor Project. Their work is so, so important to be there for youth in times of need - donate to ensure that LGBTQ youth always have a safe place to turn in times of crisis. 

    Support The Trevor Project and Save LGBTQ Lives Here 

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