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Protecting nature is a big job. Because nature is everything from the air we breathe, to the water we drink, to the food we eat, it’s imperative that we keep it safe. One of our core values as a brand is to do no harm and protect the planet however we can, and we’re proud to share that with our partner, Conservation International! From soil to sky, they’re doing everything they can to protect all ecosystems and the creatures inhabiting them. 

Conservation International is working to improve the lives of people everywhere by protecting oceans, forests and other living ecosystems on a global scale. Because they understand that securing the health of Earth’s climate, ecosystems and biodiversity is essential to the well-being of all people. Combining fieldwork with innovations in science, policy and finance, they’ve helped protect more than 2.3 million square miles of land and sea across more than 70 countries. They’ve achieved this in 3 key ways:

  • Stabilizing our climate by protecting and restoring nature by working with businesses and governments to account for their impacts on forests; enabling private investment in forest protection initiatives; and helping local and Indigenous communities protect forests on their lands. 
  • Doubling ocean protection by monitoring global waters and fighting against damaging overfishing practices.
  • Expanding nature-positive economies by creating new conservation funding models and production models for commodities, balancing demand with protection of essential natural resources.

Protecting and conserving nature is one of the most effective ways to stop climate breakdown, yet natural climate solutions receive less than 3% of all global climate funding. Our collections that Protect Endangered Animals and Conserve Tropical Rainforests help do just that, with a portion of every sale giving back to these conservation efforts. Thanks to readers and customers like you, we’ve been able to donate over $244,000 since our partnership began! 

When we protect nature, we all get to thrive. Join us in fighting for positive change, this Earth Month and always, with Conservation International! You can learn more about their mission here on their website.
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