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Conscious Step
  • The READ Act: Improving the Future of Education

    0 comments / Posted by Alethea Snyder

    The READ Act: Improving the Future of Education

    By Matthew Russo

    Photo Credit: Committee on Science, Space & Technology

    Thanks to overwhelming public support and an effective call-to-arms from some of our country’s leading minds, the Reinforcing Education Accountability in Development Act (or READ for short) of 2017 passed unanimously in the House...


  • Celebrating Dr. Seuss

    0 comments / Posted by Alethea Snyder

    Celebrating Dr. Seuss

    By: Amy Block-Muzekari

    Photo Credit: Blair Public Library

    On March 2nd, we celebrate the one and only Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

    Theodore Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, wrote and illustrated 44 children’s books between 1937 and 1990. Additionally, he produced several films and television programs.

    Many of his stories...


  • #Tree4Tree

    0 comments / Posted by Laura Parker

    What a wonderful time of the year. Family. Food. Festivity. Time’s spent decorating front porches, or fire escapes for us city folk, and Christmas trees are harvested for families around the world to place nicely in their living rooms - setting their houses aglow with that famous holiday spirit. With all that comes with the holiday season, Christmas trees are a staple that most cultures across the world...


  • Safe Water, Educated Children

    0 comments / Posted by Laura Parker

    Throughout the United States, kids wake up everyday without giving a second thought to their daily routine. Wake up, use the restroom, get a drink of water, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush their teeth, and head to school. Over time, the everyday nuances of their morning routines come across as mundane, and days of faking sick and having a case of “the...


  • 3 Years Later

    6 comments / Posted by Hassan Karimi

    9 of 10 startups fail. There are many reasons: lack of funding, failing to get product-market fit, co-founder conflicts. Startups are inherently risky business, and the odds are stacked against them from the beginning. As it’s the three year anniversary of Conscious Step this month, we took some time to reflect on the things that may have contributed to the fact that despite the odds, we are


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